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How about trying some of our word search and crossword puzzles? They are all based on the articles at the Ask A Biologist site.

Article Title Word Search Crossword
A Nervous Journey42.33 KB
An Invisible Watery World43.91 KB
Ant Farm39.75 KB
Ants86.84 KB
Bats35.41 KB
Bee Jeweled42.33 KB
Big Bad Beetles50.35 KB
Birds and Their Songs38.15 KB
Building Blocks of Life84.95 KB
Cloning Ewe53.14 KB
Collecting Ants33.29 KB
Crazy Climate and Wacky Weather163.64 KB
Darwin and Mendel's Afternoon Tea41.95 KB
Desert Diggers48.27 KB
Desert Fruits Rock!117.33 KB
Face to Face with Ants39.75 KB
Feather Biology30.87 KB
He Ain't Tasty He's My Brother59.66 KB
How Do Beetles Reproduce?
How to Find What You Need on the Internet
I Spy an Ecosystem41.32 KB
Itty Bitty Beasts101.79 KB
Linnaeus and the World of Taxonomy41.35 KB
Making Life Crystal Clear48.32 KB
Making the List51.74 KB
Metamorphosis – Nature’s Ultimate Transformer97.69 KB
Mighty Morphing Tree Lizards60.45 KB
Migrating Monarchs27.71 KB
Mite Mighty Foe to 'Killer' Bees in State
Nature's Medicine33.32 KB
Not So Scary Scorpions 71.12 KB
Perfect Python Parenting81.58 KB
Pollen - Nature's Tiny Clues 39.46 KB
Sea Urchins Do Research
Secrets of a Superorganism33.29 KB
Seeing Color79.73 KB
Solving a Genetic Mystery83.01 KB
Sonoran CSI53.98 KB
Spaced Out Physiology94.15 KB
The Tale of the Two-Headed Lampropeltis getula californiae 46.03 KB
Time Traveling Plants
True Bugs39.86 KB
Where In The World Is Kazakhstan?
Why Are English Sailors Called Limeys?
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